Why more Australians are opting to run their own SMSF

Jessica Amir
January 5, 2021

With the marked increase of Australians opening SMSFs, Jessica Amir caught up with Bell Direct SMSF expert Olivia Long.

Olivia discusses why more Australians are opting to run their own super fund, as well as some key strategies that you might be able to take advantage of, if you run or start your own SMSF.

In this video Olivia covers:

  • (0:45) Key trends in the SMSF industry
  • (1:38) How COVID-19 is prompting SMSF establishments
  • (2:44) The tax effectiveness of superannuation
  • (3:33) Three strategies to consider if you’re a non-retiree SMSF user

To discuss setting up an SMSF or transferring your existing SMSF, email Olivia at admin@belldirectsmsf.com or call 1300 845 901.