How to: Changes in Substantial Holdings

Jessica Amir
August 31, 2020

If the big guys make a move, surely it’s worth sitting up and paying attention? View a complete list of substantial shareholder changes for any stock. Simply search by stock code and date.

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Hello, I’m Jessica Amir, a Market Analyst with Bell Direct.

Today we’re looking to see who’s been heavily buying into or selling out of a stock using Bell Direct’s change in substantial holdings tool.

Now, a substantial holder is defined as someone who owns 5% of a company’s shares and I like to keep my eyes peeled for changes in substantial holdings, as it simply tells me what institutions and or fund managers are investing into or selling down or out of.

If I saw a major shareholder sell out or reduce their holding in a stock, I might expect that sale to cause a said company’s stock to fall in value. On the flip side, if I saw a fund manager or institution increase their stake or become a major shareholder in a company that increased buying activity might cause the stock’s price to rise in value.

So once you’re logged in under ‘Research and tools’ click on ‘Substantial holdings’. You’ll see the recent substantial holdings changes for ASX listed stocks from where people have sold down their stake in a stock and how it’s trading for the day indicating what the sentiment is like for the stock and you’ll see where people are buying or increasing their positions in a stock.

Here’s an example of where this company has announced that there’s been an increase in major holdings in the company which you can see by looking at the previous holdings versus what their new holding is.

If you have a specific stock or a set of stocks in mind you can enter their ticker codes in here and you can also search for substantial holdings changes, meaning buying into and pulling out of a stock over a certain period by entering in the dates here.

So if you’re looking for stock ideas or to see who’s been buying into or selling out of a stock that you like, use Bell Direct’s change in substantial holdings tool. For more videos on how to find stocks and spot opportunities, check out our other demo videos on BDTV or chat to us online.

Happy trading.

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