How to: Directors’ Interest tool

Bell Direct
September 1, 2020

Want to know if a company insider has been buying into or selling out of a company’s stock?

You can look at director ownership changes on the ASX by using Bell Direct’s Directors’ Interest tool.

The tool gives you an indication of the confidence a company director has in its business strategy.

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Hi I’m Jessica Amir, a market analyst at Bell Direct.

Today we’re going to show you how to tell if a company insider has been buying into or selling out of a company’s stock. Now looking at director ownership changes on the ASX can be really useful, as it can give you an indication that a company director has confidence in their business strategy. However, it might not always be the case. A director for example, could be selling down their interests in a stock to diversify their wealth if they feel they’ve got too much invested in a company already. Either way, you might like to always look at the ‘Directors’ interest’ tool to keep across markets and stocks you like.

So, once you’re logged into the Bell Direct platform, head to ‘Research & tools’ and click ‘Directors’ interest’. You’ll see when an ASX listed company’s directors have bought into or increased their holdings in a stock, or if they’ve sold or reduced their holdings in a company that they’re affiliated with. Now display to the current changes in interest with the company’s ticker code and how their shares are performing today.

Now let’s say I want to search for a company, I can do that here by entering tickers in a list. Let’s search for CSL (ASX:CSL), CBA (ASX:CBA), BHP (ASX:BHP) and then hit ‘Enter’ or ‘Display’.

Now I can see all the company director ownership changes declared on the ASX and how they’re trading today. Now it’s important to note, these changes to buys and sells might not have happened today, they’re generally within five business days of the transaction occurring.

So let’s click this one. So directors’ holdings generally always say ‘Appendix 3Y’ or ‘Change of Director’s Interest Notice’. This simply tells us a director at CSL has made a transaction. Let’s scroll down, now we can see she’s acquired some shares in the company and this tells us how many shares she’s bought.

In this case, she has acquired 175 shares. This could be seen as a good endorsement, that this company director is a happy chappie with CSL’s future, as this director has injected more capital into the company.

In closing, use the Directors’ interest tool on Bell Direct to see what insiders are buying into and selling. For more tips on how to use Bell Direct’s tools, head to BDTV on our website or go to our YouTube page.

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