How to: Upcoming Dividends tool

Jessica Amir
August 30, 2020

In this How to Demo Series video, Jess walks you through how to use Bell Direct’s Upcoming Dividends tool. It’s an important tool that allows you to see when a company is paying an upcoming dividend as well as when it goes ex-dividend.

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Hello I’m Jessica Amir, a market analyst with Bell Direct.

Today we’ll be looking at Bell Direct’s upcoming dividend tool.

Now this is an important tool that allows you to see when a company is paying an upcoming dividend and when it goes ex-dividend.

Now the ex-dividend date is an important day, a day that the company transfers the dividend right to the shareholder.

So if you’re planning to buy a particular stock and you want to be entitled to that upcoming dividend, you’ll need to buy the shares before the ex-dividend date.

Meaning, if you snap up the shares after the date of the ex-dividend, you’ll miss out on that period’s dividend.

Also keep in mind a company’s stock generally trades lower on the day it trades ex-dividend, reflecting the fact that you won’t be entitled to the upcoming dividend.

So once you’re logged into Bell Direct, under ‘Research & tools’, click on ‘Upcoming dividends’.

You’ll see companies that have got upcoming dividends, their stock ticker, company name, if the company is paying an interim, or half year, or a final dividend, what the dividend amount is and the important ex-dividend date, what the payment date is and how much tax the company has paid on the dividend.

Now a fully frank dividend means the company’s paid 100% of the dividend tax for you.

And you can span the search for the next four weeks.

You can also filter by highest dividend, the ex-dividend date, remember that’s the date that you need to buy the shares by to be entitled to the upcoming dividend, or you can sort by payment date or you can also search for a company that you like to see if there’s an upcoming ex-dividend date.

Then click display.

And that’s it!

So don’t forget to use Bell Direct’s upcoming dividend tool to help you plan when you’re going to buy a company’s stock, so you’ll be entitled to the upcoming dividend.

Thanks so much for watching.

For more information why not head over to Bell Direct’s BDTV or our YouTube channel for more demos.

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