Switching your SMSF to us

Olivia Long
April 2, 2020

Switching your SMSF can be a tricky process. With Bell Direct SMSF, we liaise with your previous provider to help handle all aspects of your transition to our service, ensuring it is smooth and easy.

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We will liaise with your previous provider to obtain your SMSF documentation and handle all aspects of transitioning to our service. Once you engage us, we’ll send you a transition pack with a few key documents for signing and we’ll handle the rest from there.

As part of the transition process we’ll conduct a review of your fund focusing ensuring the numbers are correct and looking at the documentation that sits behind the scenes in relation to the fund which a lot of trustees forget.

Specifically this includes review of the trust deed, nomination of beneficiary forms and the investment strategy to ensure they are all within the legislative guidelines.

One document often ignored is an Enduring Power of Attorney.  Every SMSF trustee should have this in place so we will confirm the documents existence in addition to making sure it covers off on the SMSF itself.

We are also licensed to provide advice so we’ll conduct a strategic review and identify any potential opportunities in not only the structuring of the fund but also on an individual member balance basis.

Our goal is to make your involvement in the administration, paperwork and compliance for your fund as minimal as possible, freeing up your time for the fun part of running an SMSF.

Our fixed fee service means we’ll let you know your fees upfront.

When your fund transfer is complete, we’ll email you and give you online access to your SMSF reports. From there, you can set and forget the administration of your fund.

So call us today! We’re happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss you and your specific circumstances.

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