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Weekly Wrap 16 December

Grady Wulff
December 16, 2022

The Aussie share market lost 0.12% this week (Mon-Thu), and in a tough year for investors, the ASX200 is trading 5.71% lower (YTD). All eyes will be on inflation, rates and energy prices in 2023.

In this week’s wrap, Grady covers:

  • (0:18) M&As, the big banks & the data breaches in 2022
  • (1:37) How commodity prices rocked this year
  • (2:07) What’s in store for the year ahead
  • (3:47) The best performing stocks in the ASX200
  • (5:32) The most traded stocks & ETFs by Bell Direct clients
  • (6:00) Four economic news items to watch out for