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Ready to take things to the next level with the ultimate investing platform? Bell Direct, the online broker ranked #1 by experienced investors, is here to empower you.

For a limited time, unlock the tools and insights experienced investors love. Access over 150 in-depth Bell Potter broker research reports alongside platinum live streaming data for 1 year – on us.

Imagine the power of combining comprehensive research with real-time market insights. This exclusive offer equips you to:

  • identify high-potential investment opportunities with insightful research reports.
  • make informed decisions based on up-to-the second market data.
  • seize market opportunities with the power of live streaming for 1 year (usually valued at $330).

Together, in-depth broker research and real-time streaming data are the tools to give you the edge.

Bell Potter research

Are you in the know? Or the don’t know?

Access more than 150 Bell Potter research reports.

Build trade-winning confidence with exclusive analyst research, only available to investors trading with Bell Direct.

From a huge selection of ASX-listed companies, you’ll get information to help you make informed investing decisions:

  • a recommendation and price target
  • earnings forecast and estimate changes
  • financial analysis and valuations
  • comparison with peers
  • results preview and review.

Have the edge over other investors.

Experience live market data like never before, with our Platinum Live Streaming – Australia’s first and exclusive service that goes beyond basic updates. Unlike the standard offering of other brokers, Platinum Live Streaming delivers a professional-grade trader dashboard, empowering you to make informed decisions in real time.

When you’re trading, every second counts. That’s why, for a limited time only, discover our platinum live streaming service – on us for 1 year.

Trade with confidence and control.

What you get:

  • price changes when they happen in real time
  • your watchlist and portfolio updating in real time
  • live market data in every page of your Bell Direct website and mobile app
  • a range of display styles to choose from

What you don’t get:

  • no need to launch an additional window or third-party service
  • nothing to download or install
  • no need to refresh pages and lose precious seconds getting the latest price update.

Ready to find your investing edge?

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Why is Bell Direct the online broker
experienced investors love?

Tools and research to help experienced investors get ahead

Award winning customer service and your calls answered, on average, within 20 seconds.

A reliable investment platform

Value for money

An Australian-owned platform backed by Bell Financial Group


Legal ownership of your shares, with your own individual HIN

Access to Aussie and US stock markets

On the Go

Mobile trading

Access the tools used by experienced investors.

You get a reliable investment platform that’s easy-to-use, filled with tools and features that give you confidence and control when making investment decisions, including:

ETF & mFund filters

Screen the market for ETFs and mFunds and compare them instantly across multiple criteria to see if they suit your strategy. Available to Bell Direct clients only.

Strategy Builder

When you trade with Bell Direct, you get trading tools to make your next move a masterstroke. Access some of the most advanced online trading tools available, including several Australian firsts.

Directors' interest

Keep an eye on director’s interest:

  • complete list of directors’ trading in their own company
  • access ASX announcements and news about directors’ interest
  • search by stock code and date
  • all in one place in real time.

Unusual volume

If a stock suddenly sees major movement, wouldn’t you want to know? You can get a better understanding of the flow of trades in a particular stock with the ‘unusual volume’ tool.

Advanced charting

For the chart lovers.

Quickly make sense of complex pricing data and technical indicators and make informed decisions with this interactive technology.

1 second placement guarantee

When you trade, speed is everything. So we guarantee it.

When you place an eligible ‘market to limit’ order we guarantee to place it onto the ASX in under 1 second – guaranteed. If not, your trade is free.

Ready to find your investing edge?

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Why experienced investors choose secure platforms.

When you’re a market veteran, you have a good idea about what matters (and what doesn’t)…

We’ve been around since 2007 and we’re part of the Bell Financial Group, which has over 860 employees operating across 13 offices in Australia, as well as offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

Your shares belong to you

When you join Bell Direct, you’ll get or use your own individual HIN, so you have legal ownership of the shares you buy, no questions asked, and no asterisks.

That’s more secure than many of the newer “low-cost” broker platforms, which operate under a custodial or nominee model that pools everyone’s shares, and sometimes cash, together. This means investors do not have legal ownership over their shares. In the event of bankruptcy, or collapse of the platform, investors have limited claim to their shares.

Experienced investors ranked Bell Direct #1 for overall satisfaction, customer service, help in identifying opportunities, stock comparison/selection tools, education materials/programmes & reporting.

As voted by investors with 10+ years’ experience in the 1H 2023 Investment Trends Online Investing Survey.

Like to know more?

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is eligible for new Bell Direct clients who open an account and place their first trade.

When does this offer start and close?

Access to Bell Potter research is available after you place your first trade.

The complimentary platinum live streaming data for one year offer is available from Monday 1st July 2024 until Sunday 15th September 2024 when you open a Bell Direct account and place your first trade.

How soon can I start trading after opening an account?

You can generally start trading within:

  • 3 working days if you have applied for a new holder identification number (HIN) for your trading account
  • 4 working days if you have requested for a HIN transfer across from your previous broker to your trading account.

We will contact you if you require any further information on your application.

When your trading account is active, you can deposit funds into your Direct Investment Account and start trading.

What I.D. do I need to set up an account?

You need:

  • your ID details so we can verify your identity online (i.e. Australian passport or driver’s license)
  • your bank account details (from an Australian bank)
  • Tax File Number (optional)
  • company or trust documents if you are opening an SMSF, company or trust account
  • your HIN if you’re switching from another broker.

How do I access the Bell Potter research reports?

Login to your Bell Direct account. Select “Research and Tools”, then “Bell Potter research”.

How do I access the complimentary platinum live streaming data?

Join Bell Direct and place your first trade – we’ll handle the rest!

Your complimentary streaming data service will be activated within 2 business days and will be complimentary for 1 year from the date it is activated.

You will receive an email confirming when your complimentary streaming data service has been activated.

I am already a client, how can I get live streaming data?

This special offer is only available to new Bell Direct clients. Good news – as an existing Bell Direct client you can still access platinum live streaming data for $27.50 per month.

How do I deposit funds to start trading and withdraw funds from my account?

Watch the video:

Or follow the steps:

Deposit funds into your Direct Investment Account electronically by either:

    • BPay: simply use the Biller Code and your BPay Reference
    • Electronic transfer: use your BSB and Account Number

To find your deposit details:

  1. Click on the “My account” tab underneath the “My account” drop down button (this is in the top right of your page)
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see your ‘Trading account Information’.

  1. On the left hand side you can view the BPay Biller Code and Reference number as well as the BSB and Account Number for the Electronic Funds Transfer.
  2. Use either of these to fund your Direct Investment Account.
    Remember: You must deposit funds into your trading account first, then you can start trading.

The timing of your funds deposit reaching your Direct Investment Account  depend on your bank’s processing time.

If your deposit instruction was completed before your bank’s cut-off time, your funds will usually be in your Direct Investment Account the next business day. If your deposit instruction was completed after your bank’s cut-off time, your funds will normally be in your Direct Investment Account the following business day

To withdraw funds simply:

  1. Click on the “Fund transfers” tab underneath the “My account” drop down button (this is in the top right of your page)
  2. Or, within your trading account information (under “My account” in step 1 of finding your deposit details), click on “transfer funds out”.
  3. Then, just follow the steps, and submit a funds transfer request online anytime from your Direct Investment Account to your nominated bank account.
  1. Enter your trading PIN to complete the fund transfer request.

Your available transfer balance takes into account your cash balance and any buys pending settlement and open buy orders you have at the time of processing your transfer request. If you have sell orders that are due for settlement, you will only be able to transfer the funds out after the sell orders settle (T+2, between 12pm to 5pm AEST).

When you submit your transfer request before 2:30pm AEDT on business days, your funds transfer is processed on the same day and the funds should be in your nominated bank account the next working day.

After 2:30pm AEDT on a business day or on a non-business day, your instruction will be processed at 2:30pm the next business day.

The cut-off on non-settlement days and shortened ASX trading days such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is 12.30pm AEDT.

How do I transfer my holdings to Bell Direct?

To transfer shares to your Bell Direct account, follow these steps:

1. Determine where the shares are held: at another broker or at a share registry.

2. Complete the correct transfer request form:

For shares from another broker:

  • Login and go to Forms in the My Account tab
  • Complete the Broker to Broker Transfer Request form.

Remember, your details at the other broker must exactly match the details you have with us to allow the transfer. If shares are currently held in a different name, complete an Off Market Transfer Request form (found in Forms in the My Account tab once logged in) (at a cost of $55 per holding).

For shares from a share registry:

  • Login go to Forms in the My Account tab
  • Complete the Issuer Sponsored Conversion Request form.

Remember, your details at the share registry must exactly match the details you have with us to allow the transfer. If shares are currently held in a different name, contact the share registry to change the details before submitting the Issuer Sponsored Conversion Request form.

You can find all the request forms on your My account tab once you have logged in.

Good news – if you’re in the process of opening a new online share trading account with us, you will have the option to transfer a HIN across during the online account setup process.

3. Send us your signed request form by:

Once we’ve received it, we’ll transfer the shares into your Bell Direct account within 3 days.

Watch the video for more:

What's the fine print?

This information is general in nature only and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. For more information visit or call 1300 786 199. Bell Direct is the trading name of Third Party Platform.