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Most people want to focus on investing rather than being buried in admin. 

Have you checked if your SMSF platform is helping you make the most of your SMSF?

Bell Direct offers an all-in-one solution that we think is a better alternative for your SMSF. Have a look below.


New & existing funds

 Bell Direct SMSF admin serviceESUPERFUND
Switching an existing SMSFYES - with our free concierge serviceNO - service not available
Setting-up a new SMSFYES - with our free concierge serviceYES

Admin Services

 Bell Direct SMSF admin serviceESUPERFUND
Service offering

Paperless and automated: no need to update the share registry documents or to maintain a shoebox of documents

You are responsible for sending the documents required at the end of each financial year

You get daily online reporting including portfolio valuations, member contributions and pension statistics  

You get access to sophisticated performance monitoring software and fund performance comparisons

Portfolio valuations provided by platform only

SMSF information updated annually

SMSF compliance

You are provided with general day to day compliance advice for free by a designated client managerNo designated contact. Email communications only
SMSF advice

You are offered strategic advice for a fee if and when you need it

You are required to read the fact sheets to educate yourself on compliance

Customer Service

 Bell Direct SMSF admin serviceESUPERFUND
Your first contactA qualified SMSF specialist will assist you with your queryNo phone contact details available on the website
Client serviceOption to meet face-to-face in most metropolitan areasNo option for face-to-face meetings


 Bell Direct SMSF admin serviceESUPERFUND
Annual admin fee$1190 p.a.$899
Set-up fee$399$899
Switching serviceFREENot offered
Fund audit fee$290 p.a.Included in annual admin fee
Daily reportingFREENot offered
Mobile app and online portalFREENot offered
Concierge serviceFREENot offered

The above information is true as at 17/06/2019.