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In this exclusive interview, Charlie Aitken discusses:

  • Lessons from a career in broking including ‘best and worst’ calls (0:34)
  • Australia’s absent Animal Spirits (7:15)
  • The low point for interest rates in your lifetime (12:20)
  • The catalyst that will see interest rates and bonds move higher (15:04)
  • Asset classes, sectors and stocks that will be impacted by these moves (17:10)
  • A high conviction ASX stock call (20:38)

James Marlay, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Livewire Markets spoke with Charlie Aitken, CIO of AIM Funds about his recent move from broking to funds management and the adjustments to his approach that this transition has forced upon him.

As always, he is candid with his views and articulates why he believes markets are about to experience a significant rotation.

He also discusses how his fund is positioned, on both the long and the short side, in anticipation of how he expects the landscape to evolve.

You can find this video also on the Livewire website here.