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Investing online is smart. Discovering new investment strategies is smarter.

Managed funds have always been a smart way to diversify into new markets. Now you can invest in managed funds using the same platform as your shares, with mFund.

mFund is an innovative new ASX service that allows you to apply for and redeem units in managed funds with the same security and reliability as any other ASX investments.

You can now invest in mFunds using your Bell Direct account.

As an mFund Foundation Member, Bell Direct is excited to announce that you can start investing in mFunds now using your Bell Direct account.

Discover the benefits:

  • Access international markets
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Invest in managed funds for your SMSF
  • See everything in one place

3 steps to invest in managed funds:

1. Research and choose an mFund
Choose from a selection of mFunds and check out their investment strategy, performance, fees and other details. Make sure you read the PDS. You can do allthis here .

2. Get a quote and place your order using your Bell Direct account
When you’re ready to invest, accept the PDS and place your order online using the Order Pad. We’ll confirm that your order has been processed and withdraw themoney from your Direct Cash Account.

3. Your new mFund units are issued
New units in your mFund are transferred to your CHESS holdings and you’ll see them in your portfolio within your Bell Direct account. You’ll also get a welcome pack from the fund manager and an updated CHESS statement.

Find out more about mFunds at the ASX, click here.

Or check out our tutorial video on how to invest in mFunds with Bell Direct: