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Bell Direct News is changing in May.

As of 1 May 2015, the Bell Direct website is switching news providers, and moving to Dow Jones.

Dow Jones gives you access to exclusive content from renowned Australian and global networks. It provides the most trusted market news, commentary and insight to drive profitable trading and investment strategies.

The combined operation of news providers including Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and MarketWatch delivers constant streams of market scoops, recommendations and insights. This news is not available on any other news services, often triggering significant moves in markets and stock prices.

Stay tuned and get ready for the move to Dow Jones.

The Dow Jones news will appear in all the same sections that news currently appears. In particular you will see Dow Jones news in the Market overview page as well as in the Watchscreen and Portfolio update sections also on the Market overview page.

In addition you can also search for specific news by navigating to the News section of the Quotes & News drop down menu.