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You can place an order at any time over the internet or over the phone from 8am to 7pm AEST on any trading day.

To place an order via Bell Direct website, you will need:

  • the ASX code of the company you wish to trade (which you can find on the quick link Quote icon) 
  • the quantity or value of shares you wish to buy or sell
  • the price (either 'limit' or 'market to limit' price) you wish to pay for the shares
  • the validity of your order (either 'day only', 'good till cancelled' or 'specified expiry date')
  • your PIN

You can then enter an order on the order pad by clicking on the quick link 'Trade' icon.

To place an order over the phone, please call us on 1300 786 199.

You can also watch our tutorial video:

Buy orders can only be placed if you have sufficient cleared funds in your Bell Cash Trust.

You can place orders online up to the value of $250,000.
If you want to place an order above $250,000 just call our Customer Service team on 1300 786 199 (there is no limit on the maximum value of shares for phone orders).
Alternatively, you can split the order into smaller orders and place them online.

Please note that 'market to limit' orders can only be placed during market opening hours which are 10am to 4pm AEST.
'Limit' orders can be placed at any time, but can only be executed when the market is open.
If you place an order outside the opening hours of the ASX, your order will go into a queue of orders to be placed on the market.

An order will remain on the market until it trades, expires or is cancelled by either you or the ASX.

To view an order on our website:

  • You can check your order status by clicking on the Orders section
  • You can also elect to receive trade confirmation by email

To amend your order on our website:

  1. Choose the order you wish to amend in the 'Open orders' section of the 'Orders' page
  2. Make the required change (e.g. quantity, price or order validity)

To amend only the price of a partially-filled order, leave the quantity unchanged. Our platform is able to recognise any partially-filled amounts and amend only the amount that is still unfilled in the market.

To cancel an outstanding order on the website:

  1. Choose the order you wish to cancel in the 'Open orders' section of the 'Orders' page
  2. Select 'Cancel'

Alternatively, you can call the Customer Service team on 1300 786 199.

You can also watch your tutorial video:

There are no extra charges to amend or cancel orders.

You can deposit funds electronically by either:

BPay: simply use the Biller Code and your BPay Number
Electronic transfer: use your BSB and Account Number

The timing of your funds deposit reaching your Bell Cash Trust is dependent on your bank's processing time.
If your deposit instruction was completed before your bank's cut-off time, your funds will normally be in your Bell Cash Trust the next business day.

To withdraw funds, simply visit the fund transfer section in your account and submit a funds tranfer request online at anytime.
Your available transfer balance takes into account your cash balance and any buys pending settlement and open buy orders you have at the time of processing your transfer request.

When you submit your transfer request before 2:30pm AEST on business days, your funds transfer is processed on the same day and the funds should be in your nominated bank account the next working day.
After 2:30pm AEST on a business day or on a non-business day, your instruction will be processed at 2:30pm the next business day.

Please note that the cut-off on non-settlement days and shortened ASX trading days such as Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve is 12.30pm AEST.

When you login to your account, you can view your current cash balance and a detailed summary of your transactions on the Portfolio page in the Portfolio & Reporting tab.

Equity transactions on the ASX generally settle on T+2 (i.e. two trading days after the trade has taken place), although some securities may settle on a deferred basis.

Payment for share purchase will be directly debited from your Bell Cash Trust.

The net proceeds from the sell trade will be deposited directly into your Bell Cash Trust on the settlement date (T+2) and the funds will remain in your Bell Cash Trust earning interest until you either buy more shares, or withdraw the funds.

You can place a buy order with funds from the sale proceeds of your shares as soon as the sell trade has been booked to your order.

Buy orders can only be placed if you have sufficient cleared funds in your Bell Cash Trust as stocks cannot be used as collateral.
However, you can sell shares and use the sale proceeds to buy shares immediately after the transaction has been completed on the market.

Sale proceeds must have settled before they can be made available for any purposes other than trading.

Investing in managed funds with mFunds is similar to investing in equities. Simply place an order online through our Managed Funds order pad. No need to provide any additional paperwork. Funds will settle through your existing Bell Cash Trust.

To invest, follow these 3 steps:

  • Login to your account and research mFund products from the Managed Funds page, read the fund profile and the PDS.
  • When you’re ready to invest, choose the 'Managed Funds' option on the Order Pad and place your order online.
  • Your new mFund units are transferred to your CHESS holdings and you’ll see them in your portfolio.

To sell your managed funds units, go to the Managed Funds order pad, choose the 'Sell' option and enter how much quantity you plan to sell.

You can also watch our tutorial video:

When you place an eligible 'market to limit' order, we guarantee to place it onto the ASX in under 1 second. If not, you pay zero brokerage on that trade.

The orders eligible are:

  • New 'market to limit' orders (i.e. orders to buy or sell at the current market price at the time the order is placed)
  • Order in relation to CHESS-sponsored equities, interest rate securities, warrants or exchange traded options
  • Orders which meet our ASX obligations
  • Orders placed via our website, WebIRESS or the Smartphone App
  • Orders received during ASX market trading hours

'Limit' orders are excluded.