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Expert insights on investing in the electric vehicle (EV) mega trend | Alex Pollak & Tim Samway

Jessica Amir
July 20, 2021

Could the 21st century be the age of the electric hum? With Norway and the Netherlands planning to completely ban petrol cars and another 30 countries planning to be emission free by 2050 the electric vehicle (EV) mega trend is well worth deeper analysis.

In our latest interview, Bell Direct’s Jessica Amir speaks to Loftus Peak’s Chief Investment Officer, Alex Pollak, and Hyperion’s Chair, Tim Samway to get their expert insights on what investors should consider when investing in the global EV market.

In this video, Jessica, Alex & Tim discuss:

  • (1:05) The most telling piece of evidence that supports the EV mega trend
  • (2:55) The challenge for existing companies producing fossil fuel cars
  • (4:04) The impact on consumers as EVs scale up
  • (5:07) How investors can tap into the EV mega trend

Note: This interview was filmed on 13 July 2021.

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