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From the helm: Immutep’s (ASX:IMM) Executive Director & CEO Marc Voigt

Sophia Mavridis
April 6, 2022

In this instalment of our From the helm series, Bell Direct’s Sophia Mavridis speaks to Immutep’s (ASX:IMM) Executive Director and CEO, Marc Voigt.

Global biotechnology company, Immutep is a leading developer of autoimmune and cancer immunotherapy treatments. The business has been gaining a lot of attention lately as its lead product is in its late-stage clinical trials for metastatic breast cancer.

In this video Marc discusses:

  • (0:40) What IMM does and its key strength in the market
  • (1:27) The impact of the FDA’s recent feedback on its lead product
  • (2:53) IMM’s collaborations with big pharma names like Pfizer & Merck
  • (4:03) When to expect data from its current clinical trials
  • (5:10) What’s coming up for IMM

Note: This interview was filmed on 22 March 2022.

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