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Bell Direct
September 3, 2020

See the entire market in one screen. Yep, it’s possible. A quick click gives you a snapshot of the entire market… Create a market map for a complete market overview, customise it by defining the market, index, or sector you want.

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Hi I’m Jessica Amir, a market analyst with Bell Direct.

Today we’re going to cover the market map tool, now this gives you a visual representation of how the stock market is performing, grouped by sectors and stocks.

Once you’re logged in to Bell Direct, under the ‘Quotes & news’, click on ‘Market map’.

I can see how the Aussie share market is performing with the benchmark index, the ASX200 and the All Ordinaries top left and what’s pulling the market higher in green, or dragging it lower in red.

Now looking at the biggest makeup of the market, that’s banks and diversified financials, I can see how the biggest bank is CBA (ASX:CBA) is performing for the day by hovering over it.

Showing me the percentage move and the dollar change and the price it’s trading at.

Now moving to pharmaceuticals for example, I can see how the biggest healthcare stock, CSL (ASX:CSL), is tracking and how its performance compares to its peers.

Remember green indicates its shares are rising in value, red signals the stock is seeing selling.

Now the spectrum here also indicates the brighter and more vibrant the colour the greater the gain or drop.

Now if you see a sector that’s not quite easy to read and you need glasses like me, say let’s look at Capital Goods for instance, click on the sector title and it expands.

To return to the full Aussie share market view, click the minimise button here.

Now to find a stock that you’re looking for you can use the search bar in the top left by entering the ticker code, or if you know what you’re looking for say Woolworths (ASX:WOW), then just click and it will open up a new window with information on the company.

Alternatively, if you want to view your portfolio as a map, simply go to the ‘Portfolio& reporting’ tab.

From there click ‘Portfolio’ and go down to your portfolio.

Click the map button right on the screen.

You’ll see your portfolio as a visual the largest segment is the biggest chunk of your portfolio with the divisions separating sectors and stocks.

Now I like to use this as a quick housekeeping check so I can see what sectors and stocks I’m overweight in.

I know this portfolio needs a little diversification because not all sectors on the Aussie market are represented.

The sectors of the market all perform differently based on internal and external influences, just like the economy.

So having my assets spread across different sectors and regions is more likely to cushion me from market volatility.

Now the last market map to show you is the watch screen map.

If you haven’t already set up a watch screen that’s okay, I recommend you check out our demo on how to do that.

But once you’ve set up your watch screen, on the left hand side click the ‘Watch’ button, then ‘Watchscreens’ and click the ‘Map’ button.

And that’s it!

Getting a simple quick snapshot of the Aussie share market, your portfolio or your watchscreen is simple and easy.

For more information why not chat to us online or head over to Bell Direct’s BDTV or our demo video series on YouTube.

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