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How to: Place, amend or cancel a trade

Bell Direct
September 10, 2020

Placing, amending or cancelling a trade with Bell Direct is simple and fast. In this instalment of our How to: Demo Series, Jess takes you through the Bell Direct order pad and highlights how user-friendly, reliable and responsive it is. She also covers how to place multiple orders across all your trading accounts at the same time.

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Hi, I’m Jessica Amir with Bell Direct and today we’re going to walk through how to place, amend or cancel a trade, which is simple, quick and easy.

So once you’ve logged in, you can place a trade from anywhere on the site by clicking on the ‘trade’ icon.

You can also place a trade directly from watch screen.

Simply click ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ on the stock you want to trade.

You can also place a trade directly from your portfolio by clicking ‘buy’ or ‘sell’, to top up or sell down your existing holdings.

You can even use the ‘sell all’ button to reduce your holdings or exit the market if that’s what you wish.

But for now, let’s place a trade using the trade button.

So if you have multiple accounts, say in your name and your super fund for example, just choose the account you want to trade from.

Now the available funds field will show you the funds available to place any buy orders.

Now just a quick note, if you’re placing a buy the panel changes to blue and if you choose sell the panel changes to pink, so you can easily distinguish if you’re making a buy or sell transaction.

So let’s buy a stock, the panel is changed to blue as we’re buying and simply enter in the security or stock code and you’ll see the ‘bid’, which is the highest buy order price for the stock in the market and the ‘ask’, which is the lowest sell order in the market.

You can also click on the ‘market depth’, to see the different buy and sell orders in the market.

Now lets key in the quantity of shares we want to buy and the price.

You can then decide how long you want the order to last from a day only through to a specified expiry date.

Click ‘next’. Then you need to enter your four-digit pin code to confirm your order.

The funds to pay for your order will be debited two days after the day you place the trade.

And it’s as easy as that. Now what if you wanted to place multiple orders across all of your trading accounts or enter multiple trades on your single account.

Well at the top of the order pad, you can click on ‘multiple order’.

Let’s try ‘trade across all of your accounts’.

Click the ‘+’ button.

And you’ll have a multi-order pad with all your accounts listed.

Enter the stock code and your multi-order pad is automatically pre-populated.

Then you can set the shares or units you want to buy and a limit price, if that’s how you want to trade.

It’s designed to be flexible and easy.

You can change details at the individual level, like the share price or units, add different stocks or even delete orders.

Completing your order is then the same as a standard order, click ‘next’, enter your pin code and away you go.

So what happens if you want to amend or cancel an order?

Go to the ‘orders’ tab, you see here the order that i created a little earlier.

Amend the order by clicking on the ‘amend’ button, edit the order and reconfirm it to market.

Or to completely cancel an order, in the ‘orders’ tab you can choose ‘cancel all’ outstanding orders or cancel individual orders by clicking on the ‘x’ tab.

And then keying your pin to confirm and your order is cancelled.

So there you have it. Placing a trade, cancelling or amending an order with Bell Direct is simple, quick and easy.

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