How to: Understand our Daily Trading Ideas email

Bell Direct
September 8, 2020

If you’re stuck on trying to find a stock to buy or don’t know when to sell, or maybe you’re looking for a new investment opportunity… Bell Direct’s Daily Trading Ideas email is here to help you out.

After you sign up to Bell Direct, every day in your inbox you receive 3 bullish and 3 bearish trading ideas free of charge. These daily trading ideas are based on historical broker data and the chart patterns are detected by Trading Central.

The daily trading ideas are emailed early each morning so you can decide in advance which trading ideas are best suited for you.

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Stuck on trying to find a stock to buy or don’t know when to sell?

Or maybe you’re looking for a new investment opportunity.

If you’re scratching your head, I get it!

There’s over 2,100 stocks listed on the ASX and at Bell Direct, we’re here to make your investment decisions much easier and simple, arming you with six trading ideas a day that you can research.

So today, we’ll show you how to understand and use the daily trading ideas (DTI) email and how to use technical trends as your friend.

The daily trading ideas email should hit your inbox at around 6am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) each day, with three bullish and three bearish trading ideas.

Now the general rule of thumb is that bullish stocks rise in price and that bearish stocks fall.

Now this email tells you based on the prior day’s close price what trend pattern has formed according to the analysis provided by Trading Central.

Now this suggests the stock will move higher, that it’s in a bullish trend and this tells me a stock is trending lower, that it’s in a bearish trend.

So let’s look at Unity Group (ASX:UWL).

This tells me based on its close price yesterday of $1.52, that it’s in an intermediate term bullish uptrend, meaning the stock is likely to go higher.

I can simply click ‘trade’ and buy the stock directly from here. But, I’m a details kind of gal and I want to know more

information before buying a stock, so I’ll read on.

Now the chart to the left simply tells me the stock’s recent trading history has formed a chart pattern, suggesting it’s broken out of its downward price movement and is now pushing higher.

Each blue line represents a day’s trading.

Now as we can see, the stock was on a downward trend, as the red line suggests it fell from here to here, then pushed higher, then the stock fell again, but it’s since started to rebound.

Now Trading Central’s team have done the homework for you, telling you that a technical trend line has formed a symmetrical continuation triangle trend.

In fact, now all you simply need to know is a bullish uptrend has been identified.

Based on this trading pattern identified, the technical analysts have also plotted out where the stock is likely to jump to, the green dot.

If I click ‘more details’ it tells me this bullish signal indicates that the stock price may rise from the prior day’s close price so $1.52, to the range of $1.82 to $1.88.

The pattern formed over 17 days, which is roughly the time period for which the target price could be achieved, simply according to standard principles of technical analysis.

Now the chart here also gives you a closer look at what we saw earlier.

The two grey lines indicate the stock is in a bullish trend channel, going higher and if we look down the bottom, the thick blue lines indicate daily trading activity or the number of trades going through has definitely picked up over the past two months, indicating there’s a lot more interest in the stock compared to last month.

And if you want to learn about the technical chart pattern formed, have a read of the text here.

So let’s say I’ve done my homework too and that I really like this stock.

I can click ‘trade’ and up comes the order pad.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait for your daily trading ideas email or if you want more than six trading ideas, then head to Bell Direct’s technical insight tool, also powered by Trading Central.

Under research and tools, click ‘technical insight’, you’ll see the most viewed bullish stocks for the day, the most popular stocks that clients have been looking at over the last 90 days, what’s trending right now and has been over the past week, as well as the most viewed bearish stocks for the day.

So let’s dive deeper, say I’ve just been paid and want to invest 10% of my pay into a bullish company to grow my wealth.

By hovering my mouse over each of these, I can see what sector the company is in and what price the stock closed at on the prior trading day.

I can scroll across to see more or view all of the bullish ideas.

Say I like this company as I’ve been following it for a while, I’ll see what the stock closed at yesterday, what sector it’s in and how it’s performed versus its peers.

And I can click on that for more of a comparison.

I can see a summary of the technical levels that the stock has hit and this might look a little complicated, but it’s simply telling me that it’s in a short term immediate, or longer term uptrend.

Toward the bottom, I’ll also see the price target based on the bullish trends and I can just click ‘buy’ here and the order pad comes up.

So there you have it! Finding trading ideas is simple and direct.

I encourage you to take the time to read the daily trading ideas email.

For more information, check out our other demo videos on BDTV or on YouTube or chat to us online.

Happy trading.

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