How to: Use Bell Direct’s mFund filter

Bell Direct
September 4, 2020

The Bell Direct mFund filter makes it simple to find, compare and analyse the different mFunds in the market, so you can then find the investments that suit your portfolio. Sieve through a selection of metrics to find the right mFund for you.

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Hello I’m Jessica Amir, a market analyst with Bell Direct.

Today we’re diving into how to invest in professionally managed investments or managed funds that are listed on the ASX through your Bell Direct trading account.

Now these are known as mFunds and can be bought or sold on the ASX just like a share. Now they’re a great way to add diversification or de-risk your portfolio. The Bell Direct mFund filter is located under the ‘Quotes & news’ tab. Then select ‘Managed funds’, allowing you to research the different managed funds on offer. You can sort by past performance, asset class, price, which is the cost of one unit in the fund, or charges, which are the underlying fees the fund manager takes out of the investment. Now all I do is select which asset class takes my fancy, I’ll select ‘Equity’, then choose the sector in the drop down, I’ll select ‘Global Equities’ as i’m interested in a diversified global share portfolio. If I have a preferred issuer, I’d select one from the menu.  As a side note, I could just search all the exposures available in the market by clicking ‘All’ in the drop down here, without having to select an asset class or issuer. Then, I can see all the mFunds available. Now I want to compare them based on performance, so click ‘Performance’, then ‘1YR’.

Now I can see how all the mFunds in the market stack up year on year based on return, or I can sort based on month or month performance, three month performance and the other returns.

Alternatively I can even search for products issued by a particular manager if I wanted to by selecting from the drop down here. And finally you can select the indirect cost ratio and management fee. Now the indirect cost ratio is an estimate of the deductions from respective investments covering the cost of investing in the fund, while the management fee is the fund manager’s cut, a payment for their expertise. Now each title here is interactive, allowing you to search and filter in funds by price, fund info, performance and charges. Now in the title, the subsections here are interactive as well. Say ‘Fund info’ for example, I can rank various investments by name, ASX code, sector, launch date and FUM size. But my favourite feature is comparing based on past performance up the top here. And I can also click on the ‘Fund Factsheet’.

To find more information about the managed fund. And the last important function is the search function in the top right here. You can search by fund name or what you might be looking for. And press this button here to expand and contract the filters.

If you’ve found what you’re looking for, all you’ve got to do is click either ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ and you’re taken straight to the order pad. And that’s it!

Finding managed funds that you can buy and sell on the ASX is that simple. For more information, check out our other demo videos on BDTV or on YouTube or chat to us online. Happy trading.

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