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Intel from an artificial intelligence giant: Appen’s CEO Mark Brayan

Jessica Amir
March 6, 2020

In the latest instalment of Bell Direct’s From the Helm series, Jess speaks with Appen’s CEO Mark Brayan.

Just what exactly does Appen do? Mark explains Appen’s hand in developing technologies from autonomous vehicles to voice recognition, and how they’ve managed to grow their share price by 4000%.

For 5 years straight, all of Appen’s key financial metrics have grown. So what does its future hold? What do their partnerships with the world’s major tech companies and the US government mean?

Bell Potter upgraded Appen this week to a Buy, citing 21% share price growth, also noting it’s relatively sheltered from coronavirus. But what does the CEO say?

Note: this video was filmed on the 27th of February 2020

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