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Weekly Wrap 10 May

Grady Wulff
May 10, 2024

As we approach the close of FY24, it’s a prime opportunity to review your portfolio and investment strategy for the upcoming year. Understanding the current economic landscape will be crucial in making informed decisions for FY25.

We’re excited to share an insightful conversation between AMP’s Deputy Chief Economist, Diana Mousina, and Bell Direct’s Market Analyst Grady Wulff. Diana and Grady discuss key factors impacting the market for the remainder of FY24 and into FY25.

In this week’s wrap, Diana and Grady delve into:

  • (0:45): the impact of inflation on bond yields
  • (3:49): reasons for Diana’s optimistic view on inflation’s outlook
  • (5:00): how central banks can adjust interest rates independently
  • (7:42): why Diana anticipates rate cuts from both local and Federal Reserve sources
  • (8:39): a recap of this week’s market movements
  • (9:30): the most traded stocks & ETFs by Bell Direct clients
  • (10:00): upcoming economic data to keep an eye on.

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