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What’s a warrant?

Warrants are a kind of derivative which give investors the right to buy or sell the underlying instrument (i.e. an ASX listed equity) to the issuer (i.e. the company that distributed the warrant) for a specific price. More often than not, the underlying instrument is an equity.

Some warrants, such as European ones, require the trader to exercise the transaction on their expiry date. With others, such as American ones, you can exercise any time before the date of expiry. Additionally, warrants tend to be different in the time period between the issue and expiry date, generally spanning years. When a warrant is exercised, newly issued stock is issued, not pre-existing stock.

At Bell Direct, we offer a range of warrants from across the globe, so you will be sure to find the one most suitable to your investment objectives.

Types of warrants

The 2 key types of warrants

Investment warrants
Investment warrants cover; Instalments, Endowments, Structured investment products, and Non-leverage warrants. They typically are longer dated and less frequently traded, lending themselves to a lower risk/return profile.
Trading warrants
Trading warrants typically cover; Knock out-warrants, equity warrants, index warrants, barrier warrants, and MINI warrants. They’re often short dated and frequently traded, in turn lending themselves to a higher risk-return profile.

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