Award-winning trading tools

Trade with Bell Direct to access exclusive trading and investing tools provided by Recognia. 

Recognia is the worldwide leader in quantitative and technical analysis which helps investors identify opportunities, compare stocks and optimise their trading strategies.

Recognia strategy builder

This exciting portfolio tool lets you:

  • Identify new opportunities and strategies
  • Choose from a list of pre-built expert strategies
  • Create your own strategy to identify opportunities based on fundamental and technical analysis

You can also test your chosen strategy and see how it would have performed over the last 6 months.

Recognia technical insights

With Recognia technical insights you can:

  • Check for signs of strength and weakness by applying over 30 types of chart patterns, candlesticks, indicators and oscillators
  • Find trading ideas
  • Research and validate picks
  • Find exit and entry points
  • Monitor your stocks

Market map

A quick click gives you a snapshot of the whole market.

  • Create a market map for a complete market overview
  • Define by market, index, sector, your watchscreen or portfolio
  • Bookmark or share to any site or blog

Unusual volume

See what's coming up:

  • List stocks with unusual trading volumes
  • Get a better understanding of the flow of trades in a particular stock

Advanced charting

Compare multiple stocks and indices:

  • Chart ASX securities and view a wide range of sectors
  • Access 32 different indicators including:
    • Moving Averages
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Relative Strength Index

Changes in substantial holdings

Catch the big players making a move:

  • View a complete list of substantial shareholder changes for any stock
  • Search by stock code and date
  • All in one place in real time

Directors’ trading

Keep an eye on directors' trading:

  • Complete list of directors' trading in their own company
  • Access ASX announcements and news about directors’ interest
  • Search by stock code and date
  • All in one place in real time

Visual depth chart

See trading volumes instantly:

  • View market depth and detail easily with a visual chart
  • Toggle between the text-based list or the chart - whichever you prefer