How to: Get a stock quote

Bell Direct
September 12, 2020

In this instalment of our How to: Demo Series, Jess takes you through how to find information and research about a stock or security. Bell Direct’s ‘Quote’ feature gives you the current share price, the bid & ask price, current volume, number of trades and any research on the stock or security.

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Hi, I’m Jessica Amir with Bell Direct.

Today we’re going to go through how to get a quote for a stock so you can access information about a company.

Now once you’re logged into your account, simply click on any share code in blue, or use the quote icon on every page.

Let’s start by using the icon. Now type in the share code and click ‘enter’.

Now this is a quote page, it’s a dashboard of all the information investors have told us that they want to know about a stock with the ability to see more if you want.

Now the quote page gives you the current share price, the bid-ask price and the day’s performance.

You can see the average price for the day, the volume, which is the number of transactions and the number of trades.

The chart here gives you a visual of the share price performance throughout the day.

You can also look at longer time periods by clicking on each of these links.

And now to research, we know some investors find this extremely valuable. So here you can see some broker share recommendations.

If you hover over them you can see which brokers have provided their recommendations.

Now once you’ve placed your first trade with Bell Direct you’ll be able to access our award-winning stock broker research from Bell Potter, this is exclusively provided to you as a client giving you access to Bell Potter’s fundamental analysis covering the company’s historical and expected financial results and also what to expect from the company.

You can also see Bell Potter’s recommendation on the stock, either a buy, sell or a hold, with a 12-month price target.

We’ll also give you access to research from buysellsignals.

Now buysellsignals’ research is quantitative, giving you access to an end-of-day research report including historical share price performance, recent news, major shareholders, earnings and financial ratios, as well as bullish and bearish indicators.

Now on the stock page you can also see the current market depth.

This is a visual of the buyers and sellers.

Now the quote page also gives you access to a variety of other information such as the company’s ASX announcements and news on the company as well.

You can also see a table of upcoming events for the company and how the stock compares to other companies in the sector.

And if you want even more research than this, from the quote page click on the research button here which will take you to more fundamental analysis on the stock or security.

Now this is provided by a research house called Morningstar, giving you detailed information on its financials, how they’re stacking up and some key forecasts such as earnings per share.

Now Morningstar has also laid out their forecasts for the company, its historical financials, the company’s balance sheet, dividend history, who the directors are and its Corporate calendar.

So there you

So there you have it! Finding company and security information and research is much simpler than you think.

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