How to: Set up a watchscreen

Bell Direct
September 11, 2020

Make sure you’re across all your investment ideas and trades by setting up a watchscreen.

Setting up a watchscreen with Bell Direct is simple, and when you get your watchscreen up and running, you’ll get all ASX announcements from the companies in your watchscreen when you log in.

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Hi I’m Jessica Amir with Bell Direct.

Today we’re going to set up and use watchscreens.

Now as soon as you log in you’ll see the market overview page.

Towards the bottom are watchscreens.

Watchscreens have been specifically designed to help you keep track of as many shares as you want in each of your watchscreens.

Most importantly you’ll see relevant ASX announcements and company news on the companies in your selected watchscreen.

So now let’s create a new watchscreen.

Simply click the ‘add’ button, give your new watchscreen a name and then key the stock codes that you want in your screen and click ‘add’.

You can then design your watch screen to only see what you want to see.

So for example, right now I can see the last price, the current bid ask, the open, high, low and the VWAP, which is the weighted average price as well as the volume being traded.

Now I like to customize my watchscreen.

So click ‘customize’ and add or remove what you want to see and click ‘save’.

Now investors also told us that they want to see their watchscreen while they’re doing things throughout the day, so to do that click the pop out button here.

Now this creates a new window that you can leave on your desktop to review throughout the day.

You can also look at multiple watch screens in the same way too.

Now you can also look at a market map of the stocks in your watch screen.

This shows you the current performance of all your stocks in your watch screen during the day in a simple format with green being up and red being trading down.

So there you have it, simple.

Now you can set up your own watchscreens,  happy investing.

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