How to: Use the Reporting Season Page & Calendar

Jessica Amir
August 24, 2020

In this instalment of our How to: Demo Series, Jess takes you through how to make the most of our new interactive Reporting Season Calendar, and Reporting Season page. Our calendar will help you keep track of when Australia’s biggest companies are releasing their financial results with some new handy features. Plus, we’ll have a bank of videos covering everything that you need to know about a company’s results.

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Hello, I’m Jessica Amir a market analyst with Bell Direct.

Today I wanted to walk you through Bell Direct’s reporting season calendar and page.

Once you’re on Bell Direct’s website, head to the ‘Insights’ tab and then click ‘Reporting Season’ in the drop down.

If you scroll down, you’ll see our reporting season calendar.

At the top, you can search for a stock by entering their ASX ticker code or company name.

I’ve entered BHP (ASX:BHP) here for example.

I can see their reporting date, Tuesday the 18th of August and I can add this to my calendar by clicking ‘Add to calendar’, which will be added to my computer’s calendar.

Or if I was on a smartphone, I can add that to my phone’s calendar. You can sort by date at the top bar here to easily see all the dates for company reporting season.

If a company has already published their results, you can access their results presentation in PDF format in the right hand column.

Or if a company is reporting in the future or hasn’t released their results yet, you’ll see the add to calendar option.

Another great thing about this calendar is if you click on a company’s ASX code you’ll be taken to a page that shows you all the times that we’ve reported on or mentioned the company.

You can also download the calendar in PDF format.

Just scroll down to the orange bar and select if you want the calendar sorted by company name or date.

Below we’ll have a bank of videos where we’ll feature everything you need to know about the company’s results and we’ll include broker recommendations for the respective company.

As more and more companies report, we’ll have more insights featured here.

And that’s it!

For more demo videos, visit Bell Direct’s website under BDTV or chat to us online.

Happy trading.

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