Ringing the Bell: IPOs & trends in 2021 | ASX’s James Posnett

Jessica Amir
February 12, 2021

In the most recent ASX-partnered “Ringing the Bell” series, Jessica Amir talks to James Posnett, Senior Manager of Listings at the ASX.

Did you know that Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) jumped 23% in 2020, with a big influx in December. Jess and James deconstruct the 2020 IPO frenzy, before moving to the IPO pipeline for 2021.

In this video, James covers:

  • (0:33) The three IPO themes of 2020 that will play out in 2021
  • (1:45) How the 200 tech and international IPOs can diversify portfolios
  • (3:06) Golden soil – why international companies are listing on the ASX
  • (4:03) What companies might come to the ASX this year