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Investing in fractional shares is like breaking down big investments into bite-sized pieces, making it way easier to buy into big-name companies without needing a tonne of cash up front.

Fractional trading allows you to invest smaller amounts into companies which may have higher share prices you may not be able to afford. Instead of having to buy whole shares, you can now invest based on how much money you want to invest.

Let’s break it down with a real-life example. Take Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT), for instance. Its stock price might be soaring at $415 per share at the time of writing, but fear not! With fractional trading, you can invest based on the amount of cash you’ve got on hand.

Say you’ve got $300 burning a hole in your pocket. Instead of fretting about how many full shares of Microsoft you can buy, you can dive right in and own a sweet 72% slice of the MSFT pie. Pretty cool, huh?

With fractional trading, the stock market becomes more inclusive, putting the power of investing into the hands of everyday folks like you and me. So, what are you waiting for?

This allows you to get in on the action with major companies and opens up investing to more people with more diverse investment options.

When you’re a Bell Direct client, you can jump into fractional share trading with your international trading account, when trading US shares.


  1. Accessibility: Dip your toes into investing without a large sum of cash up front, which means you can join the investing game.
  2. Expand your options: Now, even high-priced stocks are within reach, making the investment world fairer and more open.
  3. Simplicity: Forget about calculating how many shares you can afford. With fractional trading, just pick the amount you want to invest and hit buy.
  4. Flexibility: Customise your portfolio to fit your goals and how much risk you’re comfortable with.

If you’re ready to get started with fractional trading through your international share account at Bell Direct, check out the demo video or download the instruction manual to get going.

This information is general in nature and does not take into account your financial situation, objectives or needs. You should consider whether it is appropriate for you. You should read our Financial Services Guide and any relevant Product Disclosure Statements before making an investment. For more information visit or call 1300 786 199. Bell Direct is the trading name of Third Party Platform Pty Ltd ABN 74 121 227 905, AFSL 314341.